During the project of 2013-2018 yy. the following DSc and PhD theses were presented:

15 June 2018. Evgeniy Boltynjuk: Ph.D. thesis «Mechanical behavior of amorphous alloys with a structure modified by severe plastic deformation»; Saint-Petersburg State University.

4 October 2017. Marina Abramova: Ph.D. thesis «Increased strength and functional properties of austenitic nanostructured steels»; Ufa State Aviation Technical University.

19 June 2017. Pavel Morozov: Ph.D. thesis «Synthesis, structure and properties of the element (Ti, Fe) - organic nanostructures on inorganic matrices»; Saint-Petersburg State Institute of Technology.

30 December 2016. Nariman Enikeev: Dr.Sci. thesis «Grain boundaries and superstrength of nanostructured materials»; Institute of Problems of Mechanical Engineering of Russian Academy of Sciences.

24 November 2016. Fedor Belyaev: Ph.D. thesis «Microstructure model of non-recoverable deformation and defects in shape memory alloys»; Saint-Petersburg State University.

1 October 2015. Ivan Lomakin: Ph.D. thesis «Thermostatic bimetals with shape memory effect»; Saint-Petersburg State University.

28 May 2015. Alexander Polyakov: Ph.D. thesis «Evolution of microstructure and mechanical properties of commercially pure titanium during equal channel angular pressing-Conform»; The National University of Science and Technology MISiS.

26 November 2014. Alexander Botkin: Dr.Sci. thesis «Scientific and methodological foundations of angular pressing processes design»; The National University of Science and Technology MISiS.

25 December 2014. Alexey Sibirev: Ph.D. thesis «Non-recoverable deformation during repeated implementation of shape memory effect in TiNi alloy»; Saint-Petersburg State University.

26 June 2014. Nikita Kazarinov: Ph.D. thesis «Dynamic and wave features of rupture processes of solid bodies during their quasi-static loading»; Saint-Petersburg State University.

10 October 2013. Sergey Bobylev: Dr.Sci. thesis «Nanoscale plastic deformation and transformations of interfaces in nanocrystalline solids»; Institute for Problems of Mechanical Engineering of Russian Academy of Sciences.

26 September 2013. Vyacheslav Slesarenko: Ph.D. thesis «Functional properties of amorphous-crystalline TiNi-based alloys »; Saint-Petersburg State University.